Speaking Topics

TOP 5 WAYS to Retain Great Employees

Employee retention is important to the long-term health and success of your company. Failing to retain a great employee is costly to the bottom line including hiring and training time and lost knowledge.

Learning Objectives for This Session:
How employee retention impacts all aspects of your business
Tips for retaining great employees
How to involve managers in employee retention strategies
GROWING YOUR BUSINESS: Making Sales Translate to Profits

You have done all the right things; you made a plan and executed it flawlessly. Your sales team went out and hit a grand slam and brought in the sales increases you were looking for. How do we ensure that sales growth translates to bottom line profit growth? All the cogs in the wheels need to be strong and fit together well to ensure these sales don’t fall flat. Learn to avoid costly mistakes, maintain a flawless reputation for customer service, and how to ensure that sales translate to profit.

Learning Objectives for This Session:
The sales support system defined (it’s bigger than you think) – how it can make you look amazing
Case studies – successes and failures in growing sales
How much support system do we need?
How do we build and grow a support system:

  • Efficiently and effectively
  • Deliver the best customer experience
  • Pull off sales growth flawlessly

STRATEGIES for Coaching and Developing Employees

To develop a competent, motivated, and productive workforce, managers have to be good coaches. In sports, coaches develop and motivate players. They work to bring out the best in each player and to unify all their players into a winning team. Coaching in the workplace has basically the same purpose and involves similar techniques.

Learning Objectives for This Session:
Recognize the benefits of coaching
Identify the role of the coach
Understand techniques involved in successful coaching
Use coaching effectively to improve employee performance
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: A Secret Weapon for Your Success

Those skilled in Emotional Intelligence outperform others, are better motivators and build better teams. The ability to understand the effect your emotions have on others, and manage yourself accordingly, is a competitive advantage for you and your entire company. Emotional Intelligence is the single biggest factor in driving employee engagement, commitment and results.

Learning Objectives for This Session:
6 key factors of emotional intelligence and how it differs from personality
How these factors contribute to business and personal success
TOP 5 PROFIT DRAINS That Are Eating Your Lunch

You have built a terrific company and are growing it, but sales just don’t seem to make it to the bottom line like you expected. Sometimes we are happy with the bottom line but don’t realize that we’ve left money on the table because small profit drains add up. Learn the 5 most common profit drains, how to spot them, and what you can do about them.

Learning Objectives for This Session:
Top 5 profit drains – what are they?
Psychology – why do we overlook thing that drain profits?
How to identify profit drains in your business
How to remove or minimize profit drains
6 KEY MISTAKES When Interviewing & Hiring

You can’t build a great company without great people. No one plans to hire the wrong person – so how do they get hired? In many ways, interviewing and hiring employees is a bit like dating. You like what you see initially so you decide to spend more time with a candidate. You hope your time together will help you decide if you belong together or not. But just like dating, sometimes hiring a new employee can go horribly wrong.

Learning Objectives for This Session:
Learn 6 key mistakes when interviewing and hiring employees
Why these are so common
Bottom line effects and how to avoid these mistakes

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