New Employee Onboarding Guaranteed to Create Engagement!

Every company has their own way of onboarding new employees. Some are more effective than others at creating employee engagement from the get-go. But none I’ve seen can match the sheer joy created by the onboarding experience that brand development agency McGarrah Jessee created when they hired their 100th employee.

A company spokesperson wrote, “When we founded McGarrah Jessee 18 years ago, we were clear on what mattered: a uniquely productive and collaborative work culture. That meant slow and careful growth, adding the right people at the right time. Today, we added our 100th McJer at just the right time and thought it was fitting to celebrate that milestone with a twist on our usual new-hire orientation.”

See the excitement below:

I’ll bet Elliot remembers this day as long as he lives, and I have to wonder if, after such a welcome, any other employer he may have throughout life will ever quite measure up.

Of course, onboarding doesn’t have to be this elaborate to be effective at creating engagement in a new hire. Such simple acts can go a long way in the onboarding experience. Here are some examples:

  • Walking a new hire around the entire business
  • Personally introducing them to coworkers
  • Assigning someone to buddy up with the new hire for the first week
  • Having an actual training process to get them up to speed on their job duties

Implementing a training process goes a long way toward helping a new hire feel like a welcomed and valued part of the team. A new hire that’s made to feel welcomed, valued, and given the training they need, is far more likely to become an engaged and effective long-term employee.

Too often, many businesses do nothing more than toss the new hire into their department and let them flounder around on their own. Just last week, I spoke with a highly skilled paralegal that left a law firm after five and a half years to take a job elsewhere. She said, “I should have left that place long ago. From the day I started, I knew it would be a bad place to work.”

I asked her about that “first-day” experience. She said, “I was just shown to a desk overflowing with files and told to start processing them. I wasn’t introduced to anyone, not even the attorneys I’d be working for. No one showed me where the lunchroom was or where the restrooms were.

Every day I had to ask dozens of questions about where things were, how things like the label maker worked, how the attorneys liked things done, and everyone I asked treated me like I was being a nuisance. That first week was so stressful I almost quit. Over the years, I observed that about two out of three new hires did just that, quitting within a month.”

Clearly, the lack of a thoughtful onboarding process is costing this law firm, and probably more than they realize. Letting new hires sink or swim on their own creates disengagement. An onboarding process that helps new hires get to know the company culture, their coworkers, and their job duties will get them off to a good start will go a long way toward building engagement. Engagement builds business success!

How do you welcome and onboard new employees? What first (and often lasting) impression are you giving them? Let’s schedule a conversation and see how we can help you “Be Wildly Successful!” It’s easy – just click here.

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