Nanette Levin

Wordsmith of Roanoke

Nanette is a book ghostwriter, editor, small business marketing strategist, and freelance contributor to regional business magazines. I ghostwrite columns and by-lined articles for clients too. One of her strengths is being able to capture the voice or personality of a person or brand after about a 20 minute interview. It’s a rare skill that sets her apart from the typical writing professional or marketing firm offering formula copy solutions.

How you say it means so much in today’s distracted society. Anyone can write – or so they think. The question is, does the message work? If you’re looking for a solution that not only sounds like you or your business personality but also compels prospects to buy what you’re saying, consider how much faster you could convert lookers to believers and buyers with the right words.  Nanette can help make this process affordable and fun. Check out these introductory packages for affordable ways to dip your toe into the marketing, copywriting, and consultant waters.

Call Nanette at 585-554-4612 (cell)