Jennifer Leake CMC®

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Leake Employee Engagement Consultant

Like you, business consultant and Employee Engagement expert, Jennifer Leake interacts with the growing Gen Z and millennial workforces on a daily basis. Today’s workforce is varied. Engaging your employees – all of them – requires an awareness of the unique differences, similarities, and misconceptions of our multigenerational workforce.

Now we are faced with the new remote work environment, one where 2/3 of your workforce is struggling or at risk of failing.

For over 20 years, Jennifer Leake has shown businesses how to improve their profits and performance with people analytics tools so you:

  • Hire the right people for the right job
  • Engage employees with clear expectations and feedback
  • Lead with managers who know how to retain and motivate individuals

You have an operations system. What about your people? The Get Engaged People System offers a proven system for the people side of your business too!

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