Transforming Organizations and People.

Our Mission Is To Help You Be Wildly Successful!

Why We Are Different?

We’re a multi-faceted consulting firm with almost 100 years of combined experience with this philosophy:

We want to help you be wildly successful – because YOUR success is how we define our success.
Knowledge and advice alone won’t make you successful. It requires a PARTNERSHIP to support, coach, implement, hold accountable and fine-tune.
A belief that our combined depth and breadth of knowledge and experience is more valuable to you than what we each offer individually.
We’re a roll up our sleeves team – not only do we bring you ideas and solutions.  We’re about IMPLEMENTATION.

Why Partner With Us?

Are some of these areas limiting your success and profitability?

How you do things
Who you have working in your company
What you don’t know

You WANT a team who:

CARES as much as you do about your business
Is as COMMITTED to your business as you are
Offers a COMPREHENSIVE viewpoint of your business

Our Unique Story

As a team of experienced, individual consultants we share complementary backgrounds and unique areas of specialization. All of us have the same client philosophy to provide the best resources to our clients.

Through discussions on how to better serve our clients, it became clear that a collaborative team approach would offer clients a wider range of backgrounds and expertise in solving challenges that organizations face today. With this approach, we are able to see the bigger picture and offer assistance in multiple areas reducing the amount of money spent on overlapping individual resources.

This unique team approach will magnify your results and enhance the satisfaction of your client experience.

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Meet Your Partners

William D. (Bill) Jacobsen CLO



An experienced Healthcare Executive, Leader and Board Certified Coach, let Bill show you how to dig deeper for the healthcare solutions you need today.

Learn More About Bill

Jennifer Leake Employee Engagement Consultant

Jennifer Leake, CEO


Assessment Pros

An advisor to HR and Sales Leaders, Jennifer can show you how to use DATA on your people to create a solid “People System” to hire, develop, and retain engaged and productive people.

Learn More About Jennifer

Nanette Levin

Nanette Levin

Helping Your Message Rise Above the Noise

Wordsmith of Roanoke

A book ghostwriter, editor, small business marketing strategist, and freelance contributor to regional business magazines, Nanette ghostwrite columns and by-lined articles for clients too.

The Blind Men and The Elephant

There is a danger that seeing only one part of your company or problem might be like the blind men and the elephant. Each blind man thought the elephant was something different – a wall, a spear, a snake, a tree, a fan, or a rope. Working alone  or with multiple advisors who only see one part of your business – could be like the blind men and the elephant. Everyone sees just a part when what is needed is to see the entire picture … the whole elephant for what it really is.

Let us help you achieve Growth and Results

We roll-up our sleeves and help organizations and people reach their maximum potential.

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